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Taxpayer Information Change Form

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  2. Taxpayer Information Change Form
  3. Number is located on Business License Certificate
  4. Owner Information (Complete all fields):
    Mailing address (if different from renewal)
  5. Please use this section to tell us of any upcoming changes we may need to know about your Vacation Rental(s).
  6. Short Term Rental Business Licenses
  7. Rental Information (Complete all fields):
    Please note that your business license is location specific. So, if you have more than one Vacation Rental Unit, you would be required to obtain a business license per property. (Ordinance No. 1508, Article I, Section 8-17)
  8. Lodging Tax Remitted By:
  9. Self
  10. Management Company
  11. Both
  12. Local Emergency Contact Information (Complete all fields):
    This is information is required due to the recent adoption of Ordinance No. 1732, Article I, Section 8-41 and 8-42 to further regulate the Business of Dwelling unit vacation Rentals.
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