Gulf Shores City Schools

All Gulf Shores residents have the ability to enroll their children in the Gulf Shores City School system. The Gulf Shores City School System sets high expectations for students to reach their full potential. The curriculum incorporates traditional and innovative instructional strategies based on the latest research, best practices, and Gulf Shores City School's Strategic Plan. This plan calls for incorporating 21st-century learning skills into our academic and co-curricular programs, providing coordinated networks of support for PreK-12 learners, fostering students' social-emotional development, and building a professional culture of learning for faculty and staff. Learn more by visiting

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1. Improved Citizen Representation
2. Police Protection
3. Fire Rescue Services
4. Medical Transport Membership
5. Gulf Shores City Schools
6. Residential Garbage & Recycling Services
7. Yard Debris Collection
8. Hurricane Re-Entry/Beach Parking Passes
9. Land Use Controls
10. Recreation Membership Discounts
11. City Facility Rentals