When is the Burn Season?
The burn season in Gulf Shores is November 1 through April 30. State Law bans open burning from May 1st thru October 31st in Baldwin County.

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1. Why are Burn Permits required?
2. What types of fires require a permit?
3. Are there any costs for a Burn Permit?
4. Are there penalties for burning without a permit?
5. When is the Burn Season?
6. Can I have a fire on the Beach or Public Lands?
7. Can I have a fire on my balcony?
8. How do I report a fire alarm, fire code or safety issue?
9. Fireworks: Are fireworks legal in Gulf Shores?
10. Can I contact the Fire Marshal directly with an anonymous safety concern?
11. Does the Fire Department Perform Home Safety Inspections?
12. Do you offer Fire and Life Safety Education classes?