The Public Information Officer (PIO) and Marketing & Communications Coordinator provide strategic counsel on message development for the Mayor and the City of Gulf Shores.  
This office is often the first stop for reporters who are seeking information about the City of Gulf Shores. The office manages relationships with dozens of local and regional print, broadcast and online media outlets and organizes Mayoral press conferences and other announcements. 

In addition, the Marketing & Communications Coordinator manages digital communications through the City of Gulf Shores website and social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.  

Media Inquiries:

Media Releases

  1. 9.13.2020 Tropical Storm Sally Update 3
  2. 9.13.2020 Tropical Storm Sally Update 2
  3. 9.12.2020 Tropical Storm Sally Update 1
  4. 9.4.2020 Gulf Shores Airport Authority Breaks Ground for New Air Traffic Control Tower Facility at Jack Edwards National Airport
  5. 9.2.2020 The City of Gulf Shores Announces Labor Day Closures
  6. 8.25.2020 Gulf Shores Announces 2020 Municipal Election Results
  7. 8.10.2020 City of Gulf Shores and Gulf Shores Fire Department Announce Hire of Mark Sealy as Fire Chief
  8. 8.7.2020 Gulf Shores Mayor and City Council Approves New Collaborative Learning Center Addition to Gulf Shores Elementary School
  9. 7.2.2020 - Gulf Shores Warns of Zero-Tolerance Enforcement of Safer at Home Order
  10. 6.3.2020 - Fireworks Canceled
  11. 5.26.2020 - FAA Tower Grant Award
  12. 4-29-20 COVID-19 Update - Beaches Open
  13. 4.6.2020 - Road Closure - Hwy 59 Resurfacing Project to Start April 13
  14. 4.1.2020 - City of Gulf Shores Supports State Health Department Stay at Home Order
  15. 3.31.2020 - Gulf Shores Announces Cancellation of the 2020 Hangout Music Festival
  16. 3.27.2020 - Gulf Shores Announces Additional Closures and Increased Precautionary Measures Following Revised Public Health Order
  17. 3.25.2020 - Road Closure - East Entrance to Craft Farms North Subdivision
  18. 3.24.2020 - Gulf Shores postpones sales and lodging tax payments
  19. 3.18.2020 - Local State of Emergency Declared in Gulf Shores Due to COVID-19
  20. 3.17.2020 - City of Gulf Shores Takes Precautionary Steps to Minimize COVID-19 Exposure
  21. 3.13.2020 - Road Closure Notice West End of Coastal Gateway Boulevard
  22. 3.13.2020 - City of Gulf Shores Update on COVID-19 Update
  23. 3.10.2020 - Construction Notice West Lagoon Avenue Multi-Use Path and Resurfacing Project
  24. 3.2.2020 - Road Closure - Craft Farms North West Entrance
  25. 3.2.2020 - Road Closure Notice East First Street in Gulf Shores
  26. 9.5.19 Gulf Shores Recreation Department announces Bike to the Iron Bowl challenge