Turtle Tracks

Art on Parade


Turtle Tracks™ is a public art project dedicated to the awareness and support of environmental conservation, sustainable tourism, and community arts and culture, while enhancing the quality of life along Coastal Alabama.
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About the program

Ten turtles will be released each year for a period of five years, culminating in 50 total turtles. Each year, the ten new turtles will be added to the Turtle Tracks official map and website where 'turtle trackers' can go trail our sea-dwelling friends.

Who can participate?

Turtle Tracks™ offers local for-and not-for-profit businesses, as well as civic organizations and individuals, the opportunity to sponsor a turtle for locals and visitors alike to visit, learn and enjoy.

Sponsoring a turtle

If you or someone you know may be interested in sponsoring a turtle, or for more information about the program, email info@turtletracksgs.com