Human Resources

Responsibilities & Services

The City of Gulf Shores Human Resources Division is responsible for managing and maintaining the personnel records of all City employees, coordinating and managing employee benefits and payroll, and accepting and reviewing all employment applications for the City of Gulf Shores.

The City of Gulf Shores is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


To provide quality services and support in employment, training, employee relations, benefits, compensation, and safety beyond the expectations of all employees, enabling them to better serve our external customers.

Employee Benefits
The City of Gulf Shores provides a comprehensive package of employee benefits for its employees including:
Benefits and conditions of coverage are subject to change; however we hope to continue, or even to enhance our benefits over time. The Human Resources Division will gladly provide assistance and answer any questions employees may have regarding benefits.

For questions about the Human Resources Division, human resource issues, and/or payroll and benefits, please contact 251-968-1161.