Resident Satisfaction Survey

In the Fall of 2021, the City of Gulf Shores deployed our first Resident Satisfaction Survey. The goal of the survey was to provide full-time residents the opportunity to give feedback on overall governmental performance and community priorities. 

Benefits of the Survey

  • Provides the necessary data and statistical information needed to show general public opinion accurately.
  • Measures what residents feel the City of Gulf Shores is doing well, what needs improving, and what initiatives need to be incorporated in future planning.
  • Utilizes benchmarking data to compare our community to similar communities throughout the Southeast and the U.S.


  • The Resident Satisfaction Survey is facilitated through a consultant group and deployed via mail and online to a random sample representing the residents in our community. 
  • To ensure the results are statistically valid, the survey is conducted according to best practices of the consultant group. 
  • The survey is designed to have a precision of plus or minus 4.8% at the 95% level of confidence. This means that if you conducted the survey 100 times with 100 random samples, the results would be within 4.8% of the same numbers 95 times.
  • The survey was also opened for a three-week period for online submissions to provide an opportunity for feedback from residents who were not included in the random sample.  


  • In addition to detailed results for individual questions, the survey report includes a benchmarking analysis that compares Gulf Shores to cities across the southeast and the U.S., an importance-satisfaction analysis, and GIS maps that show geocoded survey results for selected questions on the survey.

For more information about the Resident Satisfaction Survey, please contact Lindsey Hart, public engagement manager, by email at or by phone at 251-968-3401.

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