IHP Other Needs Assistance

Individuals and households may receive financial assistance for other disaster-caused expenses and serious needs. Eligibility for some types of Other Needs Assistance is dependent on eligibility with the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) disaster loan program.   The SBA provides low-interest, long-term loans to help individuals and households with personal property, transportation, and expenses for moving and storage incurred due to a declared disaster. FEMA IHP Other Needs Assistance is divided into two categories that are either dependent or non-dependent on the individual’s or household’s ability to qualify for an SBA disaster loan.

SBA Dependent Types of Other Needs Assistance 

Only individuals or households who do not qualify for a loan from the SBA may be eligible for the following types of assistance:

  • Personal Property Assistance:  To repair or replace essential household items including, but not limited to, furnishings and appliances, accessibility items defined within the Americans with Disabilities Act, and specialized tools and protective clothing required by an employer.
  • Transportation Assistance:  To repair or replace a vehicle damaged by a disaster and other transportation-related costs.
  • Moving and Storage Assistance:  To relocate and store personal property from the damaged primary residence to prevent further disaster damage, such as ongoing repairs, and returning the property to the primary residence.

Non-SBA Dependent Types of Other Needs Assistance            

May be awarded regardless of the individual’s or household’s SBA disaster loan status and may include:

  • Funeral Assistance:  Assistance is available to individuals and households who have incurred or will incur eligible funeral expenses that are directly or indirectly related to the disaster.
  • Medical and Dental Assistance:  To assist with medical or dental expenses caused by a disaster, which may include injury, illness, loss of prescribed medication and equipment, or insurance co-payments.
  • Child Care Assistance:  A one-time payment, covering up to eight cumulative weeks of child care expenses, for a household’s increased financial burden to care for children aged 13 and under; and/or children aged 14 to 18 with a disability as defined by federal law.
  • Miscellaneous or Other Items Assistance:  To reimburse for eligible items purchased or rented after a disaster incident for an individual or household’s recovery, such as gaining access to the property or assisting with cleaning efforts.  Eligible items are identified by the state, territorial, or tribal government and may include items such as a chainsaw, air purifier, or dehumidifier.

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