IHP Housing Assistance

FEMA determines the appropriate types of Housing Assistance for which an individual or household may be eligible based on disaster-caused loss, access to life-sustaining services, cost-effectiveness, and other factors.  Individuals and households may receive more than one type of Housing Assistance, including a combination of financial assistance and direct services for disaster damage to a disaster survivor’s primary residence.

Financial Housing Assistance 

FEMA provides funds paid directly to eligible individuals and households and may include the following types of assistance:

  • Rental Assistance:  To secure temporary housing while repairs are being made to the pre-disaster primary residence or while transitioning to permanent housing.  Rental Assistance may be used to rent a house, apartment, manufactured home, recreational vehicle, or other readily fabricated dwellings.
  • Lodging Expense Reimbursement:  Reimbursement for hotels, motels, or other short-term lodgings while an applicant is displaced from their primary residence.
  • Home Repair Assistance:  To help repair an owner-occupied primary residence, utilities, and residential structure, including privately-owned access routes (driveways, roads, or bridges) to a safe and sanitary living or functioning condition.
  • Home Replacement Assistance:  To help homeowners replace their uninsured or under-insured primary residence, destroyed by a disaster.

Direct Housing Assistance

FEMA may provide direct housing services to eligible individuals and households, when disaster survivors are unable to use Rental Assistance due to a lack of available housing resources.  The impacted state, territorial, or tribal government must request Direct Temporary Housing Assistance and FEMA must approve this assistance prior to implementation.  Direct Temporary Housing Assistance is not counted toward the IHP maximum award amount and may include:

  • Manufactured Housing Units:  Manufactured homes provided by FEMA and made available to use as temporary housing.
  • Multi-Family Lease and Repair: This assistance allows FEMA to enter into lease agreements with owners of multi-family rental properties located in disaster areas and make repairs or improvements to provide temporary housing to disaster survivors.
  • Permanent or Semi-Permanent Housing Construction: Home repair and/or construction services provided in limited areas outside the continental United States and other locations where no alternative housing resources are available; and where other types of FEMA Housing Assistance are unavailable, infeasible, or not cost-effective.

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