Phone Calls from Santa

Experience a memorable moment this Christmas season with a FREE, personalized phone call from Santa! This is guaranteed to amaze your child. 

Santa will do his best to call on the night and time requested. Santa will try two times to reach your child at home. If Santa cannot reach your child, a voice message will be left. Santa will not make any promises concerning Christmas gifts.

If there is more than one child in the same household and they wish to receive a call, please fill out a registration form for each child and staple the forms together so Santa can talk to all children during the same call. We will do our best to make this a positive Christmas experience. 


Registration opening date TBA

Santa will make phone calls on December 14 and 15


It is completely FREE to receive a phone call from Santa! 

(But spaces are limited!!)


Register online by clicking here.  

For more information regarding this program please contact the program line at 251-968-9818.