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What is SPARC?

The SPARC concept is designed for Strengthening Potential through Arts, Recreation and Culture by providing youth a safe and supportive environment; fostering education, personal growth, character development and overall resiliency.  Staff members are devoted to carrying out the SPARC mission while delivering fun, hands-on experiences for the youth in our community.

SPARC Thanksgiving Camp

Thanksgiving Camp will be offered Monday, November 21st thru Wednesday, November 23rd to give children a fun, themed experience during the school break.
Grades K - 5th
Cost: $50/resident  $60/non-resident
Registration: Begins 10/10/22
Limited space - only 36 spots available!

SPARC Summer Camp

SPARC Summer Camp will provide a positive recreational, informative and life enriching experience for every child. Our goal is to introduce children to as many new experiences as possible and help each child feel confident and secure in a fun, safe environment. We want to challenge children to grow in imagination, creativity, self-directed initiative and leadership. Through an array of planned fun activities and field trips, campers will have an opportunity to gain resiliency, develop life-long skills, grow more independent, learn social skills, and make true friends.

Family IconSPARC Parent Resources:


Group 1 & 2    Group 3 & 4    Group 5 & 6    Session 2 Overview
*Schedule subject to change


A weekly SPARC parent camp update from Program Coordinator Jamie Robertson

Parent Manual
SPARC Payments
Behavior Policy
Epinephrine Authorization Form
2022 Camp Flyer


Programs Desk  251.968.9818
Jamie Robertson  Program Coordinator  251.968.4419
Randall Carlson   Recreation Supervisor  251.968.2141

Registration (CLOSED for Summer 2022)

SPARC Summer Camp is open to youth who have completed grades K - 5, we do not accept Pre-K students.

SPARC Summer Camp 2022 online registration for Gulf Shores residents and Gulf Shores City School children will begin April 4 at 8 a.m. for Gulf Shores Residents Registration will open for the public on April 11, 2022 and will close when the camp is full (or by May 6).  If the child attends Gulf Shores City Schools but is not a resident of Gulf Shores, please contact Jamie Robertson at prior to the registration dates. All registration must be done online. The SPARC staff will be able to assist you Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  If you have any questions you may contact the SPARC program line at 251-968-9818.

To register online, an account must be created BEFORE registering the child. Click here to create an account. Once an account has been created, follow these simple steps in order to register for SPARC Summer Camp 2022:  

  • Registration will be on a first come, first serve basis.
  • There will be a $50 non-refundable fee per session at time of registration which will secure your spot in summer camp. 
  • Please note, if the entire summer is needed the child must be registered for BOTH SESSION 1 & 2.
  • There will be a discount for paying tuition in full by 5/23  ($120 savings per session = 1 week free for each session).
  • A weekly payment schedule will be implemented for each session with payments due on the following dates. Session 1: May 23, May 31, June 6, June 13, & June 20. Session 2: July 4, July 11, July 18, & July 25. 
  • If payment is not received by the schedule date, we will go on the assumption that your child will not be attending the remainder of the summer and will offer that vacant spot to a child on our waiting list.
  • Multiple child discounts are available ($100/additional sibling to be applied the last week of camp). Please contact the Program Coordinator at for more information regarding this discount.
    Parent manuals will be emailed to each parent and provided at our open house/parent orientation meeting. Please note, if a child has an allergy that requires the use of an epinephrine injection, the child's doctor is required to fill out and sign an Epinephrine Authorization Form. This form must be turned in to the Program Coordinator, Jamie Robertson, on or before the first day of camp.

Dates and Fees

SPARC Summer camp is broken down into two session. Session 1: May 31- July 1 & Session 2: July 11 - August 5. Please note, you must register for both sessions if the entire camp (May 31 - August 5) is needed.

SPARC Summer Camp takes place Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM. Camp will be closed the entire week of July 4th.

  • The cost for SPARC Summer Camp Both sessions: (May 31 - August 5) per child, on the weekly payment schedule is $1,080 for the entire summer. 
  • The cost for SPARC Summer Camp Both sessions:  (May 31- August 5), per child, paid in full is $840 for the entire summer.    
  • The cost for SPARC Summer Camp Session 1 ONLY: (May 31 - July 1), per child,  is $600 on the weekly payment plan OR $480 if paid in full.   
  • The cost for SPARC Summer Camp Session 2 ONLY: (July 11 - August 5), per child is $480 on the payment plan OR $360 if paid in full.  
  • Multi-child discounts ($100/sibling) will be applied to the final payment July 25th if you chose the weekly payment plan OR the discount will be applied during the full payment and will be in addition to the full payment discounted price (ex. pay in full child 1=$840,  pay in full each additional sibling= $740)
  • For your convenience, we have included the weekly payment schedule below.  
Session 1 & Session 2
Weekly Payment Dates
 Non-refundable registration fee (due at time of registration) $100 (both sessions)
  $50 (1 session)
May 23  *Session 1- 1st payment due $120
May 31$120
June 6$120
June 13$120
June 20$120
July 4  *Session 2--1st payment due$120
July 11$120
July 18$120
July 25  $120

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