Coaching Process

Thank you for your interest in coaching! Below you will find links with information regarding our Volunteer Coach Requirements. Please complete/return the following Volunteer Coach Requirements at your earliest opportunity prior to team evaluations.

1.  In order to be on the field, dugout, or court as a coach, you will need to have completed and received a green light on your                         background screen through SSCI, "NO EXCEPTIONS". 

The City of Gulf Shores is using SSCI to complete our online background screens for coaches.  To view the criteria they will  be using for disqualifying factors to determine a green light or red light status for a volunteer coach, please click: Volunteer Coach Requirement and Background Screen.

To login and complete your background screen go to: BackgroundScreening For any questions related to your background screen and/or    process you may contact SSCI directly at 866-996-741 or email at

Per your background screen, if you are disqualified and red lighted from being a volunteer coach, S.S.C.I will contact you directly. You      may not appeal the results of your background screen through the City of Gulf Shores but rather through SSCI.

         *All Volunteer Coaches will need to complete their online background screen through SSCI, regardless of when your                                       last online background screen through NCSI, or previous background screen provider, was completed.

2.  Complete and return a Volunteer Coach Registration Form. 

3.  Download, read, sign (print as well), date and return the Coaches Code of Ethics.

4.  On an annual basis per Alabama law, all youth coaches are now required to complete an educational course on youth athlete                    concussions. Please follow the link below to complete the Heads-Up Concussions program, a free online course provided by the                CDC. Heads Up Youth Sports Training                                                                                                                                                                 Once on the website, click “Launch the HEADS UP Course” to register and begin the course. It will take you 30-40 minutes to                  complete the course online.  This does not have to be completed in a single sitting, you can pause and take as much time as needed.      DO NOT refresh the webpage while taking the concussion course.

5.  After you complete the CDC’s HEADS UP course you will receive a certificate of completion, save it.

* All documents, forms, and certificates aforementioned can be e-mailed to me at or dropped off at the                   Athletic office located at the Cultural Center, 19470 Oak Road W. (CR. 6) Gulf Shores.

   All Volunteer Coach Requirements must be completed prior to the start of the sport you will be coaching.