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Green Up Gulf Shores
Green Up Gulf Shores

Each year, the Gulf Shores area welcomes over 5.7 million visitors to the sugar whites sands and emerald waters along its beaches. The City of Gulf Shores recognizes the importance of a clean, healthy environment to our economy and way of life. In an effort to protect our natural resources, the City has launched Green Up Gulf Shores to develop, enhance, and promote projects and initiatives aimed at raising environmental awareness, reducing waste, increasing livability, and improving sustainability in the Gulf Shores community.

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Green Up Gulf Shores is an education-based environmental awareness campaign designed to reach the residents of and visitors to Gulf Shores.  The program will seek to address environmental concerns and issues that affect the region by disseminating critical information via signage, special events, website/social media, news releases, and other promotional methods to the public. 

Green Up Gulf Shores will advance the Core Values identified within the Small Town, Big Beach Vision 2025 For Sustainability, including:

  • We protect and enhance the quality of life for our residents, visitors, and retirees.
  • We protect and preserve our unique natural resources.
  • We embed sustainability into the fabric of the community.

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Please do your part to keep our beautiful beaches safe and clean. Each of us is responsible for protecting and preserving our natural resources and the City of Gulf Shores strives to provide a safe, clean, family-friendly environment for everyone visiting. To help do your part, here are some tips for enjoying our coast responsibly, along with some rules, regulations and resources. 

The following are regulated by local, state or federal laws or ordinances that are enforced on our beaches.  Enjoying our coastline responsibly ensures a more positive experience for you and helps ensure the safety of all our visitors and the sustainability of our natural resources.  

  • Any structures or equipment left on the beach an hour after sunset will be removed and disposed of by the City (except for permitted items).
  • Individual lodging properties and land owners may allow tents and shelters in designated areas during the day, however all items must be removed daily. Learn the rules for your stretch of beach. 
  • Items are not allowed on our beaches include: any form of glass containers, metal shovels or excessive digging, litter, tents or structures larger than 10' X 10', overnight camping, fireworks, firearms, fires, pets and vehicles. 
  • Keep off the dunes. Staying off the dunes will help preserve the dune system and the habitat it provides. Use beach walkovers and boardwalks where provided.
  • Observe and obey Beach Warning Flag System. Double red flags means the waters are closed for your safety.
  • Be respectful of private property beyond the bounds of your lodging property.   

Beach Rules and Regulations 
Leave Only Footprints Ordinance 

For more sustainability resources, information on updated city rules and regulations and the latest from Leave Only Footprints visit cleanisland.org

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Do the right thing and put your recyclable items in the blue recycling can. Recyclable items include:
  • Aluminum cans
  • Plastic bottles, cups, containers - anything with a recycle symbol on it
  • Used plastic suntan bottles (with the recycle symbol on them)
  • Newspapers
  • Books/magazines
  • Plastic Silverware
  • Cardboard boxes (no food please)
Don't be trashy! Pick up your trash as you leave.
  • Ask one of our friendly Beach Rangers for a bag if you need one.
  • Take your chairs, tents and beach toys (yes, these are trash too!).
  • Put all trash in the trash bin.
  • Put recyclable items in the blue bin.
  • Please pick up cigarette butts.
  • Do your part to help us keep our beaches clean.
Tread lightly! Watch where you are stepping.
  • Avoid harming our endangered sea turtles and their nests. If you harm their nests, you may harm their babies.
  • Keep trash out of the water - or anywhere else!
  • Stay off the sand dunes. Our sand dunes are not only beautiful, but they protect us from wind and storms.
  • Please do not feed the birds. What goes up, must come down.