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The David L. Bodenhamer Center and Cultural Center are a membership based community that receives over 200,000 visits annually. These facilities are home to the Recreation Division Offices and are the hub for all recreational athletic and program registrations providing year-round fitness programs and classes suited to fit your specific fitness needs.  

The Recreation Division offers a variety of membership options available for singles, families, and seniors. Whether you are looking for family fun for a day or a membership for the year, our daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual options have your covered.

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Membership Rates

Rate Changes 

With each improvement we make, your satisfaction is our top priority and as we continue to grow, our priorities remain consistent.  In order to accommodate the ever-increasing demand, we are excited to announce expanded services which will add value to your membership.  Over the past couple of months, we have been preparing additional fitness facilities at the City of Gulf Shores’ Cultural Center, located at 19470 Oak Road West (County Road 6) just east of the Sportsplex.  This expansion to the north will provide additional fitness space and bring services to an actively growing location of the City.

In order to offset some of the additional expenses related to the enhancements of our recreation programs, there will be a slight cost increase affecting your membership rates starting on November 1, 2017.  Our memberships offer a high value and we will continue adding to that value by maintaining the quality of facilities, programs and opportunities you have come to expect.

Membership rates will be changing effective November 1, 2017

Future Rate Sheets: