Criminal Investigations Division

Criminal Investigations Division

Detective Badge
The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) provides follow-up investigations on all criminal matters with the exception of those involving narcotics and gangs. Lieutenant Cowan commands the division and it is comprised of a Detective Sergeant, Detective Corporal, and 4 full-time Detectives. Each detective handles a specific assignment, which includes the investigation of:
  • Crimes against Persons

  • Property Crimes

  • Juvenile and Domestic Violence

  • Financial Crimes
Detectives review assigned cases for solvability and investigative leads. Leads include statements from victims and witnesses, physical evidence - such as fingerprints or surveillance photos, documents - bank records for example - and biological evidence such as blood and hair. Cases are aggressively investigated using both traditional methods and the latest technology. A detective suspends a case only if sufficient leads do not exist or cannot be established. A suspended case can be re-opened if new leads are developed.

If you have information on a case and wish to remain anonymous please call our Crime Tip Line (251) 968-1499