Ordinances & Regulations

Zoning Ordinance

An ordinance to regulate and restrict the erection, reconstruction, alteration, location and use of buildings, structures, land and water, for trade, industry, residence, or other purposes; to regulate and restrict the size of buildings and other structures hereafter erected or altered, the size and dimensions of yards, courts and other open spaces surrounding buildings; to regulate and restrict building lines and the percentage of lot that may be occupied, and the density of population, and for said purposes to divide the city of gulf shores into districts of such number, shape and area as may be deemed best suited to carry out these regulations, and for each such district to impose regulations and restrictions designating the kinds or classes of trades, industries, residences or other purposes for which buildings or other structures or premises may be permitted to be erected, altered or used; to provide a method for amendment, supplement, change, modification and repeal of regulations, restrictions and boundaries; to provide a method of administration; to provide a board of zoning adjustment and prescribe its powers and duties, and to prescribe penalties for the violation of the provisions of this ordinance and also provide for its enforcement and repealing all ordinances in conflict.

View the City of Gulf Shores Zoning Ordinance.

Subdivision Regulations

The territorial jurisdiction of the City of Gulf Shores Planning Commission over the subdivision of land shall include all land located in the City of Gulf Shores and all land lying within five miles of its corporate limits and not located in any other municipality; except that, in the case of any such non-municipal land lying within five miles of another municipality having a planning commission, the jurisdiction of the City of Gulf Shores shall terminate at a boundary line equidistant from the respective corporate limits of the City of Gulf Shores and the neighboring municipality.

View the City of Gulf Shores Subdivision Regulations.

Land Use Plan

The Land Use Plan illustrates and provides an overall strategy for how Gulf Shores intends to shape itself over time. The city has prepared this plan as a guide to decisions regarding land use, development, zoning and capital improvements. The plan is also intended to help Gulf Shores residents, property owners, merchants, builders, and developers invest in the city by providing a reasonable expectation of the city’s future.

View the City of Gulf Shores Land Use Plan.

Sign Ordinance

The purpose of these regulations is to provide minimum control of signs to promote the health, safety and general welfare; to avoid congestion on the public streets and roads; and to preserve property values: by preventing unsightly and detrimental development that would detract from the tourist resort appeal of the community and lead to economic decline and blight, by preventing signs from reaching such excessive size or numbers that they obscure one another to the detriment of all concerned and by securing certain fundamentals of design that would strengthen the community's economic base.

View the City of Gulf Shores Sign Ordinance.

Lighting Standards & Turtle Lighting Ordinance

The purpose of these regulations is to establish outdoor lighting standards and regulations for both new and existing construction and development throughout the community within the city limits and police jurisdiction of the City of Gulf Shores. The ordinance is also intended to outline guidelines to insure that the marine turtle population is protected from artificial lighting, which has been proven to adversely affect the turtles.

View the City of Gulf Shores Lighting Standards and Turtle Lighting Ordinance.

Tree Protection Ordinance

These provisions are intended to regulate the removal and/or destruction of trees with the community for the purpose of preserving the city’s existing character and aesthetics, to reduce effects of noise and air pollution, and to prevent soil erosion.

View the City of Gulf Shores Tree Protection Ordinance.