Fire and Emergency Services

Responsibilities & Services

Gulf Shores Fire Rescue provides a full range of fire and emergency services to the residents and visitors of Gulf Shores.

Our firefighters are also trained as Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics. Allowing us to provide top level emergency medical response for our public.

We also operate (1) Ambulance, that is placed in service at times when the local Ambulance service provider is over loaded with calls.

We are dispatched by Baldwin County 911. This allows us to reduce response times since the person answering the 911 call, can also initiate a page to us, as they collect information from the caller.

Our department has several Open Water lifeguards on duty to answer calls for swimmers in distress in the Gulf or other bodies of water in our response area.


The department operates three 24 hour shifts. The shifts are, A-Shift, B-Shift and C-Shift. Each “shift” works from 7AM to 7AM.

We have (3) three staffed fire stations distributed across the City. Each station has up to (4) four firefighters assigned for duty each day.

Station Locations

Station 1 – Main
1921 West 1st Street

Station 2
105 W 11th Street

Station 3
18069 State Hwy 180

Station 4
14426 State Hwy 180